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Lmao xD

Idk wtf just happened. Btw, who else noticed the thingie it says when you have your cursor over "REPLAY".

"Just whip it, whip it real good" lol

I like it

I like the idea, where instead of making a long list of stuff that he can do(fire from his palms, tornados, etc.) are all summed up with "manipulates matter" and him being a prodigy sorcerer.

I also went to fluidanims to check his story, wich was dissapointing, since besides the knowledge of that he's searching for who killed his master and that prodigy sorcerers are killed at birth, there's not much new I learn about him. Also, you made some spell faults on the RHG page("stance no competition on" = "stands no chance in") and some parts are told abit unclear(searches for someone who sent goones to kill his master for declining competition in RHG tournament).

Other then that, I wish you well in future RHG battles :)

Vote: 4/5
Rate: 8/10

raremasta responds:

thanks for the cnc mate :). u're right about the info, I will re-edit and make it clear. at first i was having trouble posting it, and had to retype everything about 5 times, i guess frustration last night made me rush out the info lol. However, i Thought that perhaps i should make a movie called the History of Rathaken, after i have a 2 - 3 battles. And thanks for the good wishes :D

It looks cool

But, I think it may have been a bit slow paced. Also about your Gladiator, just wondering, is he vincible? Like, these RHG fights aren't really fair if one of the guys is invincible, right? I do have to say that I like how you animated Morion, like how the glaive shines at some moments and his blood is also nicely done. I still think that this fight was rather unfair, considering Morion is regenarative + transforming into fog.
The start isn't also the best, like, the battle starts with Oxob having ripped off Morion's arm leaving me with the feeling that I missed a big part, you should have put a more introductive scene there in my opinion.

So in overall: Nicely animated, slow paced, unfair and bad start
Vote: 3/5
Rate: 6/10
Fave: No

Godmouth responds:

You think it's slow, that's fine. Slow paced is more my style, but it's an opinion and I can respect that.

If it's fair or not, first the animator makes his character in the animation into whatever he wants. If you watch Oxob's entry you will see that he nicely defeats my character. Yes my character is immortal. The reason for this is that it allows me to animate a darker animation where my character is relentlessly and slowly killing the opponent, whereas they get to animate a heroic animation where despite impossible odds they defeat my character.

Finally for the beginning, I think it's an interesting concept, and I do understand what you mean about it not having an introductory scene, but it's a concious choice. It gives a different effect, like they were fighting for a while before this, and gives the animation a sense of time.

Overall, I understand your points, this is just an explanation for why I made these choices.

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Good game, really well made. I wish there would be more of a closing ending though. Felt a bit silly to see the game again, after I finished the game.

The first one I got was Lone Confessions...

..Idk about you, but I lol'd. I got more names to lol at afterwards (Suffering Pain, Pain of the Orphan, Suffering Newborn, Death of Europe, etc.)

The whole gadget's kinda kinda boring, but I can imagine some stupid kid using this for a bandname and going to his bandmates "Yo guys, I got this cool name I just came up with" and later adding some stupid story about how it's poetically related to his life.

When I saw the title I was expecting some generator of an actual band instead of the name though, so just three stars for the lulz

Lare responds:

Remember, monkeys love bananas, but only camels surive in the desert!

I like it! Very addictive!

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Better than what I've made....who's Aaron Vazquez?


And I agreez with Ethnul1, this could be longer..
Still very pretty :D

Jacob responds:

"This could be longer.."

You have no idea how many times I've heard that in my life.



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Wow, amazing. Megaman is my fav game series so this is just amazing for me.

Will you also do Zero or some of the bosses? Would be epic.

Thanks for this 5/5 5/5 and faved :)

First thing I thought:
"We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine" :D

I like the NG references on it, the angry faic, the tank's barrel. Nice extra's too(the bubbles, the jellyfish, the realistic monkey, seagulls, etc.), they really fill it.

All in all, 5 stars. :D

Hey undeadkitty, how come most of the characters in your art are facing left? Randomly noticed that.
Cool art though(like all your art(that I've seen), can't wait to see more :D

Undeadkitty13 responds:

crap i just notice that
i have no idea

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